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This woman I cannot tell you the damage she has caused!! We have been looking for this woman for 5 years!! She befriended my mother about 6 years ago when my mom was going through depression. She asked my mother for 3k and my mother thinking they were friends gave her money. This lady basically never paid back when my mother decided to stop talking to her she called everyone in our entire family harassing them, mainly the people my mother had not spoken to in years. Told them she was on drugs among anything. Inserting herself into our personal family business!! It wasn't until we got the police involved she decided to pay us a portion of the money back, and then basically disappeared. It wasn't till then we did a background check on this woman and let me tell you she has been doing this for decades across the county.

Her other names include:

Wendy Lee Adams

Wendy Lee Bell

Wendy Lee Dahlberg

Wendy Lee Dickinson

Wendy Lee Behh

This woman has been married several times and has drained almost every mans bank account before filing for divorce and then asking for alimony after the divorce!!

And now her latest venture (and this is how we found her) is making videos trash talking kids on YouTube and other social sites. I believe her name on YouTube is Wendy Lee or lawgirl. Oh! Let me say her screen name in all the forums is lawgirl or classylawgirl or sassylawgirl! This woman is NOT a paralegal, she is not registered in any database in the US as a paralegal, she was a receptionist in a lawfirm many years ago, and probably did learn a few things about law however she is not a paralegal or legal assistant please do not be fooled. Please contact the Livingston county police department immediately about this woman thank you

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of other product. Wendy Lee Dickinson Adams needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1258738

Here's another of her YouTube videos and it is creepy. Ugh.


Howell, Michigan, United States #1220383

Did you find her


cant believe all this on this trash! I was suspicious when she wanted to borrow money and repay me in food stamps.

She has screwed hundreds of people, and all of them are ont0 her! contact your local police !


If this woman has scammed so many people, why isn't she in jail?

to Anonymous #1204320

lies lies and lies, she blames it on others. But she is being watched and police have been notified

to Anonymous Marshalltown, Iowa, United States #1248378

Did you call customer service and complain?


i think she is a youtube personality.

to Anonymous Harrison, Michigan, United States #1183913

Lol more like a wannabe thats nothin but a loser!

to Anonymous Bay City, Michigan, United States #1235986

more like the creeper clown retard of youtube, fun to laugh at! sad a 60 year old hag has nothing else to do.



to ingrid Laurel, Maryland, United States #1262872

God that is a horrible angle with her double chin folding and waggling.


Anonymous Apr 29 #1151532

If you're still looking for her she's scamming new people on youtube and twitter under "LawGirl2sassy"

4 0 Reply


Sally to Anonymous Jun 06 #1169303 Pompano Beach, Florida Whats her address? She seems to be hiding where shes at now, maybe because ppl are trying to serve papers and recover stolen property! About time she got put behind bars for good!

to Anonymous Waterford Township, Michigan, United States #1255160

She lives in mount pleasant mi.


This is my cousin Poppy Boyds Daughter Wendy lee Dickinson of Evart Michigan. Wendy has destroyed all family ties with her cheatfull ways.

She needs to be put on the Jerry Springers show, and have a line of men and wemon she has conned then slap the dog s--- out of her.

to Lindy #1172358

HAAAA looks like the the old stinky wrinkle thief is busy on this page with her not helpful reviews! No one else would do that but the *** trash Wendy!

Wendy must want another police report made public about her!! hahaha theres so many, ONE more comin up!!



Canton, Georgia, United States #1148894

You can be sued by Wendy. Plus she can't be accused of anything when dumbasses loan her money.

to Sweet Dickinson, North Dakota, United States #1168907

Sweet, what makes you think she could sue ? For what pepole telling the truth.

Its lieing cheatin skunks like her that uses innocent people to get what she wants.

she has lied and cheated her way through life, lives a made up make beleave life style over the media. Anyone can look her up, watch her make up videos,listen to her put other pepole down.

Pepole she has never met she has hurt and wronged. You may be next.

to Anonymous Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1169161

Your right! She cant sue anyone and is always threatening too!

The last thing she wants is the cops looking into her very extensive list of criminal behavior!

She is an ***! Btw "sweet" is Wendi!

to Anonymous #1203017

I don't think most people are worried about being scammed by her. Most people have better sense.

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